St Leonard’s Forest, West Sussex. A Landscape History

Little has been written specifically about St Leonard’s Forest. I came to discover this when I began to research my landscape history thesis on this Forest. It became increasingly clear that the boundaries of the Forest were lost in time. Control over the Forest was complex and changing, and recorded information, that I could view, was limited.


Secret Horsham

My first published book came about as a bit of a surprise. I had been touting my forest book around publishers but no one was interested, it was considered not commercial enough. Then Amberley Publishing suggested I produce a book about Horsham in their Secret Towns series. Of course, I jumped at the chance although there were quite tight restrictions. I was to take no more than a year, and have a word count of only 20,000, no references, there were to be Did You Know boxes and 100 illustrations. I signed on the dotted line and then wondered how I would go about it.


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